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  1. xavier Haamujompa

    Share the techniques

  2. jack

    your words are quite interesting how about age of man i am 82 but people tell me i don’t look that old.about 15 years younger

  3. Good insight

  4. ed

    Great job.

  5. Mark

    Love it! love it!! love it!!! very informative and even quite sexy good job Leeann would love to see some more!!

  6. salesac

    These videos are very clear and useful.Please continue.

    P.S-You are beautiful!

  7. U sexi bb

  8. Michael

    I liked listening to the answers to the questions you presented. Your have a very sexy voice and I like watching a beautiful woman like you!

  9. wishwosh

    hie, an eye opener, so it is

  10. Nicholas Campbell

    When I go down on a woman, can I use a cock ring for “g- spot” simulation? It’d give it a dual purpose…

  11. Dr. Santanu Mukherjee

    I want to see foreplay part

  12. alex

    What to say to get girl naked?

  13. your knowledge is great, your voice is really sexy,
    and you speak so eloquently…
    Please can we have more videos like this?
    thank you


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